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Changelog 1.3.0 — 8th of February 2023

Notable changes

Handle custom enum constructors registration

It is now possible to register custom constructors for enum, the same way it could be done for classes.

(new \CuyZ\Valinor\MapperBuilder())
        // Allow the native constructor to be used

        // Register a named constructor
    ->map(SomeEnum::class, [
        'type' => 'FOO',
        'number' => 'BAR',

enum SomeEnum: string
    case CASE_A = 'FOO_VALUE_1';
    case CASE_B = 'FOO_VALUE_2';
    case CASE_C = 'BAR_VALUE_1';
    case CASE_D = 'BAR_VALUE_2';

     * @param 'FOO'|'BAR' $type
     * @param int<1, 2> $number
     * /
    public static function fromMatrix(string $type, int $number): self
        return self::from("{$type}_VALUE_{$number}");

An enum constructor can be for a specific pattern:

enum SomeEnum
    case FOO;
    case BAR;
    case BAZ;

(new \CuyZ\Valinor\MapperBuilder())
         * This constructor will be called only when pattern
         * `SomeEnum::BA*` is requested during mapping.
         * @return SomeEnum::BA*
        fn (string $value): SomeEnum => /* Some custom domain logic */
    ->map(SomeEnum::class . '::BA*', 'some custom value');

Note that this commit required heavy refactoring work, leading to a regression for union types containing enums and other types. As these cases are considered marginal, this change is considered non-breaking.


  • Handle custom enum constructors registration (217e12)


  • Handle enum type as class type (5a3caf)