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Changelog 0.12.0 — 10th of July 2022

Notable changes

SECURITY — Userland exception filtering

See advisory GHSA-5pgm-3j3g-2rc7 for more information.

Userland exception thrown in a constructor will not be automatically caught by the mapper anymore. This prevents messages with sensible information from reaching the final user — for instance an SQL exception showing a part of a query.

To allow exceptions to be considered as safe, the new method MapperBuilder::filterExceptions() must be used, with caution.

final class SomeClass
    public function __construct(private string $value)
        \Webmozart\Assert\Assert::startsWith($value, 'foo_');

try {
    (new \CuyZ\Valinor\MapperBuilder())
        ->filterExceptions(function (Throwable $exception) {
            if ($exception instanceof \Webmozart\Assert\InvalidArgumentException) {
                return \CuyZ\Valinor\Mapper\Tree\Message\ThrowableMessage::from($exception);

            // If the exception should not be caught by this library, it
            // must be thrown again.
            throw $exception;
        ->map(SomeClass::class, 'bar_baz');
} catch (\CuyZ\Valinor\Mapper\MappingError $exception) {
    // Should print something similar to:
    // > Expected a value to start with "foo_". Got: "bar_baz"
    echo $exception->node()->messages()[0];

Tree node API rework

The class \CuyZ\Valinor\Mapper\Tree\Node has been refactored to remove access to unwanted methods that were not supposed to be part of the public API. Below are a list of all changes:

  • New methods $node->sourceFilled() and $node->sourceValue() allow accessing the source value.

  • The method $node->value() has been renamed to $node->mappedValue() and will throw an exception if the node is not valid.

  • The method $node->type() now returns a string.

  • The methods $message->name(), $message->path(), $message->type() and $message->value() have been deprecated in favor of the new method $message->node().

  • The message parameter {original_value} has been deprecated in favor of {source_value}.

Access removal of several parts of the library public API

The access to class/function definition, types and exceptions did not add value to the actual goal of the library. Keeping these features under the public API flag causes more maintenance burden whereas revoking their access allows more flexibility with the overall development of the library.


  • Filter userland exceptions to hide potential sensible data (6ce1a4)
  • Refactor tree node API (d3b1dc)
  • Remove API access from several parts of library (316d91)
  • Remove node visitor feature (63c87a)

Bug Fixes

  • Handle inferring methods with same names properly (dc45dd)
  • Process invalid type default value as unresolvable type (7c9ac1)
  • Properly display unresolvable type (3020db)


  • Ignore .idea folder (84ead0)