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Changelog 0.6.0 — 24th of February 2022


  • Improve interface inferring API (1eb6e6)
  • Improve object binding API (6d4270)


  • Handle variadic parameters in constructors (b6b329)
  • Improve value altering API (422e6a)
  • Introduce a camel case source key modifier (d94652)
  • Introduce function definition repository (b49ebf)
  • Introduce method to get parameter by index (380961)

Bug Fixes

  • Change license in composer.json (6fdd62)
  • Ensure native mixed types remain valid (18ccbe)
  • Remove string keys when unpacking variadic parameter values (cbf4e1)
  • Transform exception thrown during object binding into a message (359e32)
  • Write temporary cache file inside cache subdirectory (1b80a1)


  • Check value acceptance in separate node builder (30d447)
  • Narrow union types during node build (06e9de)