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Changelog 1.5.0 — 7th of August 2023


  • Introduce method to get date formats supported during mapping (873961)

Bug Fixes

  • Allow filesystem cache to be cleared when directory does not exist (782408)
  • Allow negative timestamp to be mapped to a datetime (d358e8)
  • Allow overriding of supported datetime formats (1c70c2)
  • Correctly handle message formatting for long truncated UTF8 strings (0a8f37)
  • Make serialization of attributes possible (e8ca2f)
  • Remove exception inheritance from UnresolvableType (eaa128)
  • Remove previous exception from UnresolvableType (5c89c6)


  • Avoid using unserialize when caching NULL default values (5e9b4c)
  • Catch json_encode exception to help identifying parsing errors (861c3b)
  • Update dependencies (c31e5c, 5fa107)